WIP : HG Origin 1/144 Zaku II Macedonia High-Mobility Type

A WIP post of my first Zaku Build. Fully painted and backpack modifications. I put some small plaplate on the right shoulder and front skirts. I also put a visor cover of the zaku face hehe and some sticker jewel as its mono-eye. Decals came from HGUC Sinanju water decals which I bought separately. I remove seamlines from the forearms, legs, weapons, and shoulder armor.

For the paints are from decanted paintcans from Sherlux, Nikko, Lazer and Bosny paints. Paint colors are as following:
  • Black (Sherlux) - Shoulder armor, shoulder, body, shield, forearms, crotch, forelegs.
  • Deep Red (Lazer) - horn, chest, monitor cover, thruster bell covers.
  • Mettalic Red (Bosny) - Cables, thruster bell insides
  • Ivory (Nikko) - arms, legs, and feet area.
  • Grey ( Bosny) - Abdomen area
  • Metallic Ash Grey (Nikko) - Frames, monitors, back side part of shield, details, weapons
  • Flat Black Grey (Sherlux) - Skirt, elbows, knee, feet area, backpack, weapons
  • Chrome (Bosny) - Thruster bell
Thats all!Enjoy!


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