RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver. Ka WIP

This is my first time to build a master grade kit and as you can see from the first post is the finish build of the Nu Gundam. In this post I show some photos of its early stages and some its building process. You can find the finish build HERE .

First, I build the kit for test fitting and this kit has really tight parts especially to the moving parts such as its legs, shoulders, torso and some joints. The transformation from standard mode to awaken mode is a painstaking process especially the arms.

 Second, I dismantle it to be ready for painting. Along the way, its very hard to dis-assemble small parts that I resorting to masking some small parts for painting and masking need skills.
Third is painting, I find painting the most enjoyable part which I was so curious of how paints make the kit more realistic and clean. Before painting, I research of what colors will I used and I find shunneige GBWC2013 Champion color scheme more delightful than any other Nu Gundam you can find. Then I ask fellow gunpla builders at hobbylink.tv on how to paint gunpla. I didn't prime this kit and I directly paint it using local spray can I find in the hardware but the result is great plus those spray paints are cheap.
As you can see the above picture, it is the result of painting using cheap local spray cans. The color I used for painting are deep blue (for dark blue), white for white parts, then grey ( I find it more darker) for light grey parts. I didn't paint red and yellow because I'm satisfied of its color. I also colored some metallic chrome using brush without thinning on thrusters, hydraulics, and arm joints. After painting, I seal it using flat clear lacquer.

Fourth is the panel lining. I just used grey sign pen 0.3 thick which i just bought at local bookstore and I like the results but too thin that it hard to notice even looking at it personally. Then I sealed it with clear lacquer.

Fifth is decals. This kit is a Katoki Version, it has a lot of water decals and I decided that I will not put all the decals especially those small decals. I just use my cutter, cotton buds, and toothpick. Then after putting the water decals I sealed it with clear lacquer.

The picture above is the finish product. I sealed it with two coats of clear lacquer so that it will prevent decals to pill and to protect the paint.

above picture shows the before and after effect. As you can see, painted kit tends to be more standout of its color, more color balance, and not plastic-looking kit.

Now, I'm building MG Sinanju and I'm painting it too but I don't know when it will be finish but I will post some of its progress in the future.

The finish product is in the first post or you can click the link on the finish build section. I hope you learn something from reading this and happy building.

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