WIP : HG Origin 1/144 Zaku II Macedonia High-Mobility Type

A WIP post of my first Zaku Build. Fully painted and backpack modifications. I put some small plaplate on the right shoulder and front skirts. I also put a visor cover of the zaku face hehe and some sticker jewel as its mono-eye. Decals came from HGUC Sinanju water decals which I bought separately. I remove seamlines from the forearms, legs, weapons, and shoulder armor.

For the paints are from decanted paintcans from Sherlux, Nikko, Lazer and Bosny paints. Paint colors are as following:
  • Black (Sherlux) - Shoulder armor, shoulder, body, shield, forearms, crotch, forelegs.
  • Deep Red (Lazer) - horn, chest, monitor cover, thruster bell covers.
  • Mettalic Red (Bosny) - Cables, thruster bell insides
  • Ivory (Nikko) - arms, legs, and feet area.
  • Grey ( Bosny) - Abdomen area
  • Metallic Ash Grey (Nikko) - Frames, monitors, back side part of shield, details, weapons
  • Flat Black Grey (Sherlux) - Skirt, elbows, knee, feet area, backpack, weapons
  • Chrome (Bosny) - Thruster bell
Thats all!Enjoy!


HG Origin 1/144 ZAKU II Macedonia High-Mobility Type

My very first Zaku! Fully painted and make some modifications of its backpack so that it can carry more armaments and extra fuel tanks. This is my entry for a buildoff hehe. The base kit is from the HG Origin Ortega Tri-star kit which is detailed than its HGUC version.

Maybe its time put it here even the buildoff is still ongoing hahaha

Thanks and see you to my next new build! Enjoy!