RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver. Ka WIP

This is my first time to build a master grade kit and as you can see from the first post is the finish build of the Nu Gundam. In this post I show some photos of its early stages and some its building process. You can find the finish build HERE .


Gunpla #1 : RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver. Ka 1/100 MG

I finally finished (about 6 months). Fully painted first MG kit. First time I build MG kit and paint. Many errors and frustration. (hehehe pero ok lang 1st time).

Kit : RX-93 v Gundam Ver. Ka
Scale: 1/100 MG
Painted (Out-of-box color)
Timeline : Universal Century (UC)
From : Mobile Suit Gundam : Char's Counterattack
Pilot : Amuro Ray