REVIEW : 1/144 RX-78-2 Ver. Ka by Jishang JS Model

This would be my first review on a kit and this is the 1/144 RX-78-2 Ver. Ka by Jishang JS Model.

Box Cover

Above is the box cover design. It is basically a 1/144 version of the 1/100 MG RX-78-2 Ver. Ka by Bandai. I was surprise that this kit has its own inner frame like a RG kit but not as complicated as Bandai.

Inner Frame

The inner frame is simple and very articulated. The shoulder parts that are attached to the body frame can pivot towards its front but can't pivot towards its rear. 

Inner Frame Articulation

As you can see above pictures, inner frame articulations are great especially at the abdomen area and both arms and legs can move or swivel to 180 degrees. 

Arm's Inner Frame

Arm's Inner Frame is double jointed that can swivel almost 180 degrees.

Leg's Inner Frame

The leg's inner frame is also double jointed which can swivel to 180 degrees.

Extra Parts

I was surprised that they include metal parts for its thrusters and sword parts. Also, some stickers as decals.

Putting some armor parts

Now I properly snapfit the kit, as you can see its quiet a good looking kit. The white plastic is more like Cream/ Milk like color  and I don't attached the thrusters on the backpack.

Good Hunting!

These are some of my observations on the kit:
  • When the armor parts are put onto the inner frame, the inner frame great articulations are gone. The armor hinder it to be articulated but not that much as the kit can also move to what it is intended to be.
  • The kit has moving armor gimmick parts like the moving thigh and knee when it bend like the MG RX-78-2 ver. 3.0.
  • Parts details are there but not that crisp which it need alot of sanding and scribing.
  • Part fittings are horrible that some are too tight , some are to loose, and some are too big or too small to fit.
  • Some parts needed to be glue, like the V-fin on the head. 
Overall, the kit has many flaws namely, horrible fit, some mold defects (which you need to sand or reshape), some loose and too tight parts and bad plastic quality, which you can observe to almost all bootleg kits out there.

This kit need alot of work to enable it to be shelf-worthy display and I don't recommend it to novice builders or just into snapfit or out-of-box because it will really disappoint you.

Thats all and see ya!

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