Not perfectly done but it a very good looking kit. I should really build in advance so that I have more time to close the seamline on the cannon and in the head. Anyway this are the list of paints I use for this kit.

 Sherlux Light Brown
 Bosny LighT Grey 
Nikko Ivory 
Bosny Orange 
Nikko Light Yellow 
Side7 Grey Primer 
Zurc Gunmetal 
Armored Comodo Clear Red 
Armored Comodo Topcoat Gloss 
Armored Comodo Topcoat Flat 
Mr. Color Red (hand brush) 
Tamiya Panel line accent black.

Thanks and enjoy! Happy Building!!



Haro by Billion Spark Craftmanship 2017 a China Made. Its a bootleg version of Haro, what I like about it is the lighting mechanism included on the kit which awesome but still have the same flaws of bootleg kits (fit issues & plastic quality). I painted it using Arkom White Primer, Side7 Grey Primer, Arkom Celeste Blue, Bosny Black, Arkom SupraChrome, Arkom Clear Red, and Arkom Gunmetal Grey. I'll just stay it that way as for display purpose only and it needed 3A battery to power the lights. For the next build again!!


HG 1/144 RX-78-1 FSD GUNDAM

Not totally painted parts, just the leg details with Grey Tamiya Acrylic and Zurc Grey Gunmetal for thruster bells. For the panel line, I used the grey Tamiya panel accent for the dark brown armors and black Tamiya Panel accent for grey and light color parts. For weathering I used Tamiya weathering Master, used gunmetal for the grey, joints and vents parts and heavily silver for the dark brown parts. I tried painting the orange strips but I used the stickers instead and the decals. I hope you like it!!! See ya!!!



I used Gunmetal from Tamiya Weathering Master and Dry brushing Silver for scratches. Not really 100% but now I know what the pros and cons for applying weathering effects. Painted parts as follows: Zurc Paint Gunmetal for the jointframes and thrusters, Bosny Metallic Red for Inner Thrusters, Arkcom Gunmetal Black for shield details, and Arkcom Chrome for inner visor detail.
Thats all! See ya for next build.



My latest and last build for this year 2017, I'll present to you my
HGBF Beargguy Capt. Phasma, inspired by Captain Phasma of the First
Order on the Episode 7 : The Force Awaken.

It is also my official artwork contribution to the art exhibit 
The Force : A Star Wars Fanart Exhibit at Art Portal Contemporary Art Gallery
held locally here in Davao City. If you can find some time visit the gallery
at Legaspi Suite until December 17,2017.

I hope you like it!!! I'm super excited for the upcoming Star War movie
Episode 8 : The Last Jedi.

See You!!!


1/144 HGIBO V08-1228 GRIMGERDE

Good day!

I've finish my entry of a local build-off challenge earlier which I need to attend upcoming Christmas build-off and a Star Wars inspired build this coming December.

The rules is similar to Gundam Model Kits Challenge (GMKC) of official Bandai and its more of  basic gunpla build and painting techniques (without modifications) for this build-off.

I'll present to you my HGIBO 1/144 Grimgerde. I achieve this color  by using  Armored Komodo paints.

Please enjoy and see ya!!!



HGUC 1/144 RGM-89De Jegan Commando

I finally finish my entry for mecha-lounge.com's buildoff challenge GM's VS Zaku's. My base kit is a HGUC Jegan ECOAS type/. Its more of an armored Jegan that can hold heavy damage during operations, with versatile weaponry for long range and short range combat. Hope everyone like it. Thank you and See ya!

Just head to mecha-lounge.com to see some amazing works of fellow participants.



HGUC 1/144 RGM-79[G] Ground Type

My third GM collection. This kit is almost perfect interms how bandai design the parts which is really intended just for snapfit display. It requires minimal seamline removal, detailed parts, and very good articulations. Its like a revived version or an origin high grade.

 I painted some parts to be anime accurate and a little bit of weathering through panel washing method. Nice kit, I highly recommend. See ya!!!


WIP : HG Origin 1/144 Zaku II Macedonia High-Mobility Type

A WIP post of my first Zaku Build. Fully painted and backpack modifications. I put some small plaplate on the right shoulder and front skirts. I also put a visor cover of the zaku face hehe and some sticker jewel as its mono-eye. Decals came from HGUC Sinanju water decals which I bought separately. I remove seamlines from the forearms, legs, weapons, and shoulder armor.

For the paints are from decanted paintcans from Sherlux, Nikko, Lazer and Bosny paints. Paint colors are as following:
  • Black (Sherlux) - Shoulder armor, shoulder, body, shield, forearms, crotch, forelegs.
  • Deep Red (Lazer) - horn, chest, monitor cover, thruster bell covers.
  • Mettalic Red (Bosny) - Cables, thruster bell insides
  • Ivory (Nikko) - arms, legs, and feet area.
  • Grey ( Bosny) - Abdomen area
  • Metallic Ash Grey (Nikko) - Frames, monitors, back side part of shield, details, weapons
  • Flat Black Grey (Sherlux) - Skirt, elbows, knee, feet area, backpack, weapons
  • Chrome (Bosny) - Thruster bell
Thats all!Enjoy!


HG Origin 1/144 ZAKU II Macedonia High-Mobility Type

My very first Zaku! Fully painted and make some modifications of its backpack so that it can carry more armaments and extra fuel tanks. This is my entry for a buildoff hehe. The base kit is from the HG Origin Ortega Tri-star kit which is detailed than its HGUC version.

Maybe its time put it here even the buildoff is still ongoing hahaha

Thanks and see you to my next new build! Enjoy!