NG 1/144 Virsago Gundam ChestBreak WIP

Now the WIP which I will show the process of finishing this kit. You can visit the finish work HERE .

First is I clean the whole kit which is dirty, full of dust and other residue, then I will used my cement to join parts that I'm planning of getting rid of the simlines. This kit has some curves which make its extra difficult to sand which your sanding pattern must the same as the curveness of the parts.

Then after putting the cement ( and partial sanding) I put a putty which will fill the gap and other imperfection on the plastics which are the simlines and recess areas. Then wait until the putty gets harden then sand it off for a clean, smooth areas that will make the kit ready for painting.

For painting, I prime all the parts then checking it for recess area and imperfection. I also modified the front skirt which it could swing individually.

I hand painted the gold canon part and the dark part of the groin area.

In the middle of painting process, I find the shoulders not perfectly puttied which I strip the paint using brake fluid then putty again then prime then ready for painting.

I also hand paint the inner chest with chrome enamel and gold paint for the claws and v-fin.

Finish, I just panel line it then top coated then WALLAH!!! Nice dark orange, dark red, and deep blue combination which I intended for custom paint. 

I hope you like it and see you!

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