Gundam Build Fighter Try EP 25 :Our Gunpla Final EP

The final episode of the Gundam Build Fighter Try : Our Gunpla really hype all the gunpla builders all around the world, which bring us fellow gunpla builders, collectors, and fanatics to take one step forward on making or encouraging us to build are own gunpla. 
Still The anime feels like is not yet finish, as many questions are raise as the anime progress and some are answered and some are still hanging somewhere. I still want to see Sekai to compete for world championship and to see some world level gunpla fighters progress from the first season and I also want see Sei in that perspective too.

"Gunpla is Freedom". Gunpla is freedom but also limited (for me) because this last episode really answer about what is "freedom" in gunpla which some people mis-interpret it or maybe see different perspective about it. For me, gunpla is freedom in such a way like an art as an expression, a freedom of expression. 

It will boiled down to what you really want and what you really want to achieve and in such a way by enjoying building gunpla as an expression of freedom and play it with your friends.

Such a good anime and deep. May bandai make a season 3 of it. hehehe 

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